Intern | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

NSF EAPSI Fellow | Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto University

Teaching Assistant | University of California, Davis

Adjunct Instructor | Trident Technical College

Chemist I | Organic Standards Solutions International

​Computational Chemist




Computational chemistry tools such as Gaussian, Spartan, OpenEye, Schrodinger, VMD, NBO, ADF, SAPT, NCI, GRRM/AFIR, MOLPRO, PyMOL, Phenix, Xia2, Coot, qFit, CYLView, etc. 

Theories such as DFT,
ab initio molecular dynamics, coupled cluster, TD-DFT, molecular docking, semi-empirical, symmetry adapted perturbation theory, etc. 

NMR chemical shift and UV/Vis prediction.

Wet lab experience in protein expression and crystallization, x-ray crystallography, UV/Vis, IR, and NMR spectroscopy.

Postdoctoral Scholar | University of California, San Francisco

Advisor: James Fraser

Ph.D. Chemistry | University of California, Davis

June 2016

Advisor:  Dean J. Tantillo

Dissertation Title:  "Non–Covalent Interactions and Complex Reaction Mechanisms of Organic Molecules"

B.S. Chemistry | College of Charleston

May 2011