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I was an undergraduate at the College of Charleston, a small liberal arts college in South Carolina. While there, I briefly worked in an organic chemistry research laboratory synthesizing a fragment of a potential anti-cancer agent. The experience led to my interest in attending graduate school with hopes to one day contribute to pharmaceutical research.  

Prior to beginning a Ph.D. program, I worked as a Chemist at Organic Standards Solutions, Int. and taught Organic Chemistry II laboratories at Trident Technical College. 

I moved to California in 2012 to work towards a Ph.D. in Chemistry at UC Davis. There, I worked in Dean Tantillo's group, applying computational chemistry to a variety of projects ranging from mechanistic investigations of organic and organometallic reactions to understanding non-covalent interactions in small molecules, with several collaborators worldwide. I most enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with synthetic and medicinal chemists to solve complex chemical challenges. For more detail, please see my list of publications.

In August 2016, I joined James Fraser's lab at UCSF as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences. Through industrial collaborations, I have utilized both  computational and experimental techniques to develop methods that account for conformational ligand heterogeneity and allosteric binding sites in protein x-ray crystal structures.


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  • American Chemical Society

  • COMP Together

  • Association for Women in Science 

  • Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity



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